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訪客, 錄像裝置,彩色有聲,7分11秒 ,2007
台北市立美術館 典藏
Visitor, video installation, color, sound, 7’16”,2007
Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection, Taiwan

這座舊公寓是我出生後第一個居住的地方,它位在舊街裡,有著長長的形狀與中間透光的天井。外頭的景物隨著時間不斷地變化,屋子也不斷地累積著生活的氣味。 一朵小雲悠悠地穿過房子,時間與記憶似乎變成像白日裡的夢境一樣。

My first living space after I was born, located in an old street. This old apartment has a long shape and a river on the back. the world outside changed as time goes by, the house gathered the smell of life. A small cloud visits the space and goes through it. Time and memory became like a dream in a daylight.