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wanderer’s clock#1#2#3, Wood panel, Clockwork, Acrylic and  Ink,


Similar to a Go board, black squares are painted in the center of a square wooden panel. Amidst the natural order of time, there exists a sense of human-made order. From the horizontal and vertical grid lines, I extract various combinations and install a clock's second hand mechanism. The extracted line moves forward at a rate of one full circle every 60 seconds. With each step, it forms a different combination with the grid lines on the board. However, within a single second, this line returns to the whole.
If time is also an intrinsic quality of humans, then everyone possesses a different clock. The wanderer's clock, with every step it takes in the continuously advancing time, creates different patterns. Yet in a fleeting moment, it disappears into the order, even surprising itself. This is the wanderer's clock.