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Bamboo, 2021, Digital Print mounted on wood
#1 118x139x20cm, #2 50x34x1.8cm, #3 40x30x1.8cm, #4 41x37x5.4cm



This new series is an extension from my 2020 exhibition " The Diamond that is Raindrops." The series consists of works "Sea," " Checkerboard," "Poem," "Light year," and "Bamboo." In these works, I attempt to use photographic image as elements of sculpture and combine them with real-world objects in some way to create a whole. The idea of combination isn't merely putting different forms together to create a pleasing image; rather, I am contemplating how our perceptions of objects are constructed. These perceptions include the patterns created by gravity, time (the trajectories of movement), the visuality of images, and the spacetime of memory. They also encompass the rhythm of movement, the gaze projected onto objects, different textures (rough, reflective, smooth, and hard), and even our biases toward things. In these various reflections of different tones, we experience a world, and we exist in it.

However, finding the way to combine these elements is not easy, much like identifying a new star in the pitch-black night sky, as our understanding of the world is so filled with biases. Yet, this is also a space filled with possibilities. I placed bamboo in front of a black curtain and photographed it, printing it on paper that doesn't reflect light at all. The black background is uniform like a block of color, but due to the presence of bamboo, the black squares imply a space with depth in all directions. I treat such spacetime as an object and combine it through repetition and stacking. The wooden board's hard surface and the white squares on the screen represent another dimension in contrast to the black space. What interests me is that our perception of objects is a continuous process of confirmation within these very subtle characteristics.