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可能的記號, 三頻道錄像裝置,彩色,4分30秒/4分39秒/4分23秒循環播放 ,2009
國立台灣美術館 典藏
Possible Sign, Three video installation, color, 4’30”/4’39”/4’23”,2009
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Collection, Taiwan



My work primarily attempts to redefine the physical or psychological spaces in everyday life through the transformation and transference of objects in imagery.

This piece extends from "ROLL" in 2002, where the wall of images appeared to contain countless thin layers flipping like pages, creating a simulated texture for the objects in terms of their quality and color. Within this imagery installation stemming from this spatial representation, I incorporated some nonspecific images and words. These images and words are continually covered and revealed in the space of the video, revealing fragmentary messages from the original interlayered space, much like unknown symbols pointing towards some kind of clue, imagination, or question. Therefore, through the symbols brought forth by the flipping of the video's space, I aim to create a space where meaning can be randomly combined or spark a certain interconnected imagination.