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臨郎靜山洞中猛虎臥  微噴輸出於半光面相紙 ,120 x 101 公分,2016
Imitating Long Chinsan’s Tiger in Cave ,Giclée prints on semigloss photo paper, 120x101cm  2016


The photograph I selected, unlike other more familiar landscape-oriented photographs by Lang Jingshan, is quite different and intriguing. When I saw this particular piece, I burst into laughter; it has a sense of humor rarely seen in his works. His use of a tiger made me think that there is a deeper spiritual meaning he wants to allude to, like the tiger form used in traditional martial arts.

In my own work, I often use the spatiality of imagery as a reflection of some inner landscapes. So this time, I created a space that resembles an indoor white space. However, through the layering of space, it also echoes the spatial structure of Lang Jingshan's work "Tiger in Cave." It has a clear vanishing point, and I placed the original work at that point, as if this space arrived at that image and then entered the space of this artwork through that image.

In this setup, I feel like I'm treating his work as two different spaces or a passage between two eras. When I did this, I realized I was copying a painting, but ancient Chinese painting differs from mere imitation; the most crucial aspect is to capture the spirit of the original work.