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問影#1#2#3, 微噴輸出於藝術紙並裱於鋁板, 120x120cm, 2017
Questions to Shadow #1#2#3, Giclée prints on Fine Art paper and Mounted on Dibond, 120x120cm, 2017


In my previous video works, I've been particularly interested in the conjunction, transformation, and fluidity of the real and the virtual within a "frame." Faced with the "representation" of video and photography and the limitations and characteristics of these media, I returned to the most fundamental concept of "space" itself as my subject of exploration. In recent years, my engagement with Chinese poetry and traditional ink painting has led me to contemplate the possibilities of visual space. The two series, " A slant of light" and " Questions to Shadow," emerged from this process, representing a synthesis in my working method.

I questioned whether the interplay of the fluidity and transformation between virtual and real, as emphasized in traditional ink painting, could be combined with a contemporary sense of spatiality through light and shadow, and could it be manifested within the realm of "image"? Under this inquiry, I chose to begin with the spatial elements of ink and lines, and then circled back to photography. In this journey in and out, I happened to stand on the middle gap between these two spaces. Through the practice of this series, I have discovered another potential expressive space within image.