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對影#1#2#3#4#5#6, 微噴輸出於藝術紙並裱於鋁板, 2018
120x97公分 / 120x93公分 / 120x92公分 / 120x101公分 / 120x95公分 / 120x97公分

Cast me with a shadow#1#2#3#4#5#6, Giclée prints on Fine Art paper and Mounted on Dibond,2018
120x97cm / 120x93cm / 120x92cm / 120x101cm / 120x95cm / 120x97cm

中國文學哲學中的世界觀,萬事萬物的秩序中有人的精神, 畫面不只是圖像,而可以包含一個生動的韻律,是一個小宇宙的狀態。我先在水彩紙上用墨色畫出光影及線條,並摺疊它,打上不同光源,再用相機拍攝。這些線條、墨色,以某種秩序感組合在一起,空間就出現了,這些空間中的景象並不是寫生,但也不是虛構,是我在經驗中以自己的感覺去重新組合這些元素。

In the worldview of Chinese literature and philosophy, there exists a spiritual aspect within the order of all things, where images are not just pictures but can encompass a vivid rhythm, creating a state akin to a small universe. I first paint shadows and lines with ink on watercolor paper, then fold it, cast different light sources on it, and capture it with a camera. These lines and ink, when combined with a sense of order, give rise to space. The scenes within these spaces are not direct representations, nor are they entirely fictional; they are the result of my reassembling these elements based on my own sensory experiences.
In Chinese literature, shadows play the role of a conversational partner, embodying a contemplative attitude towards nature, where shadows can both inquire and respond. This series of spaces, one could say, is entirely composed of shadows; remove the shadows, and the space ceases to exist. However, when shadows are organized in a certain visual order, space magically emerges. Could it be that space is also a kind of sensation for us?