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旅行者, 錄像裝置/ 白色木板/透明強化玻璃/水彩紙, 黑白無聲,29分12秒循環播放, 2019
國立臺北市立美術館 典藏
Traveler Video Installation, Wood panel, Tempered Glass and Water color paper, 29’12”loop, 2019
Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection, Taiwan


The name of “Traveler” comes from NASA's Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977, which, after nearly forty years of flight, left the solar system in 2012 and entered interstellar space. The vastness of the universe is measured in distances, demonstrating the insignificance and inability of human efforts in comparison. However, at a certain moment, the human spirit can feel the quality of the entire universe.

In this artwork, I aim to depict the state of human time in different spaces. A person's life drifts from here to there and then departs. But within this journey, every turn and every step forward are all part of the complete image.