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one and one, 2022, video installation, two white towels, 551x310cm




"One and one" is composed of two white towels suspended on the wall with a video projection overlaid on them.

In this work, I transform ink painting into a projection, with the painted blocks being projected onto the wall as beams of light, presenting a flowing change akin to the passage of time as the paper shifts. The two white towels hanging on the wall, like objects undergoing a process of dyeing and fading, engage in a dialogue over time.

Through this new ink space and time, and the integration of different elements in the process of viewing, I aim to respond to the contemporary East Asian life experience we find ourselves in. For me, continuously exploring and uncovering the aspects of reality in the perception of contemporary life, as well as preserving valuable elements from traditional culture, has been a direction I have consistently pursued in my work.