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2023 「台北雙年展-小世界」台北市立美術館,台北,台灣
Taipei Biennial - Small World, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

王雅慧作品《訪客》(2007)獲選參展2023台北雙年展,本屆雙年展主題「小世界」(Small World)代表著希望,也同時透露著不安;全球疫情撞擊出個人對自我生活更大的掌控權,卻也同時挑動了被孤立於廣大群體之外的隱憂。我們發現當世界縮小時,它可以拉近彼此的距離,卻也可能使人心更為疏遠:這個「小世界」,懸浮在相聚與分離兩端之間的游移狀態中。本屆雙年展指向我們所共同面臨的處境,邀請觀眾一同探索如何運用疫情經驗來提出新的生活想像,反思當日常愈趨緊繃及複雜時,人們對簡單與感性的渴望是否也變得遙不可及。

本屆展覽由策展人周安曼、作家兼編輯穆柏安(Brian Kuan Wood)和策展人莉姆.夏迪德(Reem Shadid)共同策劃,將匯聚50多位臺灣及國際的藝術家和音樂人,展出包括19件全新創作和委託製作,以及一系列的聲響、音樂表演、動態影像、攝影、錄像、繪畫、雕塑和裝置作品,使北美館成為一個聆聽、聚集與即興創作的空間。三位策展人表示:「在『小世界』裡我們雖然可能因為被孤立,而失去部分自我與介入社會的能動力;但在這裡我們有不需懼怕被同化的自由,譬如我們可以拒絕被量化,可以大聲疾呼、不斷移動,但也能靜觀其變,享受片刻的寧靜。我們也許都曾醉心對簡單生活的奢侈嚮往,但『小世界』激勵了我們堅定立場,拋開渴求被認同的慾望,拒絕為了一些永遠無法獲取的最終利益而去取悅他人。」

2023/11/18 - 2024/03/24


Wang Yahui’s work, “The Visitor,” was selected to presented in the 2023 Taipei Biennial - “Small World”.  The title “Small World” suggests both a promise and a threat: a promise of greater control over one’s own life, and a threat of isolation from a larger community following a global pandemic. Our world can become smaller as we grow closer to one another, but also as we grow apart. This “Small World” takes place within such a suspended state of being unable to join together nor completely separate. Through a series of presentations that comprise sound, music, moving images, photography, video, paintings, sculptures and installations, “Small World” presents audiences with the dilemma faced by us and our societies.

Curated by curator Freya Chou, writer and editor Brian Kuan Wood, and curator Reem Shadid, this year’s iteration will bring together over 50 international and local artists and musicians, transforming the museum into a space of listening, gathering, improvising, and exploring alternative ways to perceive and apply what we learned from the recent pandemic. Nineteen new works and commissions will be featured at the Biennial, alongside installations, performances, and musical and cinematic experiences that question promises of the simple and sensual amidst increasing tension and complexity.

The three curators stated that: “The small world is a lonely and entitled place that we have lost parts of ourselves and our societies to, but it may also be a place that welcomes strange acts of refusing to scale up or down, to amplify, unplug, move, or stay put. It might lure us towards illusions of impossible permanence and simplicity, towards absolute primacies and intoxicating authenticities that surpass all influences, but it also encourages us to betray the need to translate and be understood, to please others for some eventual benefit that never arrives."

2023 Taipei Biennial - Small World
2023/11/18 - 2024/03/24
Taipei Fine Art Museum

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